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Robin Rice & Kelly Comisky      970-739-0455

Meet the Team

Meet the Mother Daughter team that can help you with the biggest assets of your life.

We'd love to get to know you and feel it's very important for you to get to know us on a more personal level.


Hi I'm Robin.  First and foremost, God has blessed me and all of my family and we are proud to give him all credit.  We too are very proud to be an American.  I'm a mom of four and a grandma of 10 and counting.  Ed, husband and 2 of my kids have been teachers.  We love country living and natives of Colorado.  We like cribbage, we all love fishing - actually Ed loves it a little more than I do.  "Go to Lake Powell" is constantly ringing in his ears and it's only 2 hours away.  I'm good with a weekend hear or there.  You'll see us around town - 4H, Christmas activities, eating out, (pretty boring actually) but being around my kids and those grandkids are definitely our personal treat.  As far as work, that is my hobby - I enjoy the marketing, the creating, the socializing, the goal setting and especially the ability to help a family through real estate. 


Hi I'm Kelly. I have lived in Cortez, CO area almost all of my life and married Bobby here in Cortez. We have an amazing family with two girls and one boy, couple dogs, couple horses, some chickens - we truly enjoy country living as a family. My family loves to go fishing and always looks forward to the week spent in the forest hunting deer, elk, bear or turkey. The girls are in high school and are active in sports and FFA/4-H so we do have a busy schedule. I make the best peanut brittle (competition with Dad), we have an annual cribbage tournament in the family. I volunteer for school activities and 4-H activities all of which gives me resources to be a good full-time Realtor. I'm loving helping people find the home they can call "Home."

Robin & Kelly working together

Know what type of Realtor you want to work with - Call or Text for a personal copy of our Resume and Marketing Plan to answer all your questions.


Fluff is not what you need to hear to make wise decisions. With helping over 70 families each year with buying and selling real estate, Robin and Kelly work really hard and efficiently. We will give you the facts about homes near Cortez, CO so that you can make the decision that best fits your situation - even if that's not what you want to hear. Decision on price and time is up to you - that information will help you so much more than fluff will. Robin has been a Realtor for over 25 years now so you will have the best Realtors working with you - both very knowledgeable about our area and have a team to help you from lender to movers. 


We have a daily routine so that we can reach out to as many buyers and sellers as possible so that we can help them. It begins with thanking God for what we are grateful for daily; looking for ways to improve our ability to help you; spending quality time with family and giving back to the community through our "Giving" opportunities, continuing our learning so that we can give you the advantage of our experience and knowledge. We are committed to 70 or more families buy or sell real estate. We almost always pass that goal with over 70 families. Of course, exercise is always a goal and we are not very good at that commitment. 

Well that's the beginning of who we are. We love to be with our families but we really enjoy being Realtors. If you feel that we now fit your needs, please give us the honor of being your friend and your Realtor. As I always say, our relationship begins here and never ends! Let us know how we can help you.